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Code Enforcement

Garbage Collection

The Borough of Charleroi contracts annually for residential and commercial refuse collection. Currently Big's Sanitation is the company under contract. Payments are the responsibility of the property owner.

The fees are currently collected for the Borough by Pa. Municipal Services.

When you move into a property just put out and it will be billed to the owner.

Rubbish and Garbage may be placed out for pick up after 5pm on Wednesdays.

Leak proof containers provided with close-fitting covers must be used for the storage of rubbish and garbage.

Construction dumpsters can be obtained from a waste hauler licensed in the borough. If you would like to place your dumpster on the street you must first contact the police department to verify if the location is acceptable for emergency services. Any dumpster on the street must have a permit. Permits are available at the Code Enforcement office. The cost is $10/day.

The garbage fees are currently $125/year for residential units if paid by November 1 of each year. Penalty and interest will apply to any delinquent amounts. There is a 5% senior citizen discount. Discount only applies to bills paid by November 1.

Storm Water Assessment

The Borough of Charleroi separated the run-off water from the sanitary sewer system as mandated by federal statute. The cost of the project was paid by grants and loans. In order to pay back the loan an assessment has been placed on every property in the Borough. The assessment is the responsibility of the property owner.

*This debt was absorbed by The Authority of the Borough of Charleroi.  The Borough no longer charges a fee for Storm Water.

Rental License

Owners who chose to lease their residential units must acquire a rental license from the code enforcement office. Annual inspections of the property are also required. The fee for the license is $50/premises.

Tenants are required to register with the Borough within 10 days of any move into a rental unit. Residential Rental Ordinance Agreement

Building Permits

See Code Enforcement Officer for Building Permits.

Sign Tax & Amusement Device

A license is necessary for any amusement device you have in your establishment. Some of the fees are listed below.

Electronic Amusement Device …………$120

Poker/Cherry Machine………………….....$300

Pinball Machine……………………………......$90


You will be billed annually for this license.

Fees are charged for your business signs on your building and ones located within the Borough. $15 for the first sign and $8 for each additional sign. Signs must be done in a professional manner and be approved by the Code Officer. No signs are to be placed on utility poles within the Borough of Charleroi. Property Maintenance

The Borough of Charleroi requires the owners to be responsible for the maintenance of their properties.

Sidewalks are to be kept clear of rubbish and snow must be removed within a reasonable amount of time.

Grass and weeds must be maintained less than 10 inches.

All interior and exterior property and premises shall be maintained in a clean, safe and sanitary condition.