Mayor's Office

Mayor Gregg Doerfler
Under the Pa. Borough Code the Mayor shall take and subscribe an oath to support the Constitution of the United States and of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and perform with fidelity and loyalty. The Mayor of Charleroi’s duties include preserving the borough, to enforce ordinances and regulations, remove nuisances; to exact a faithful performance of the duties of the officers appointed, and perform such other duties as shall be vested by his office by law or ordinance. The Mayor may administer oaths and affirmations pertaining to borough affairs.

As Mayor, Gregg Doerfler serves on the Charleroi Regional Police Board.

Mayor Doerfler can be found in the office at various times. You can leave a message on his office phone line at 724-483-6011.

Charleroi Regional Police Department


The Charleroi Regional Police Department was formed in April 2012. It is overseen by a board with members from each of the three participating communities: Charleroi, Speers and North Charleroi. The board members include the Mayor from each community, an additional appointed delegate from Speers and North Charleroi and two delegates from Charleroi. The Board meetings are open to the public and are held on the third Wednesdays at 6:00 p.m. in Charleroi Borough Council Chambers.

Police Chief:

Chad Zelinsky

District Magistrate

Eric Porter

Regional Police Board:

Curt Rice – Chairman

Tim Herd

Gregg Doerfler

Steve Sergi

Fred Schwalb

Kristin Hopkins-Calcek

Jerry Jericho

Charleroi Borough Council

Charleroi Borough Council consist of 7 members voted on by the registered voters of the Borough of Charleroi. They direct the work of the Borough Staff, oversee the budget and establish laws. They appoint residents to serve on the Water Authority, Transit Authority, and various other boards.

They meet in the agenda session on the first Wednesday of each month at 6:00 p.m. The regular monthly meeting is held the second Wednesday of each month at 6:00 p.m. Special meetings may be held with proper notice. All meetings are open to the public.


Kristin Hopkins-Calcek

Vice President:

Jerry Jericho


Larry Celaschi

Paul Pivovarnik

Tom Santoro

Joseph Smith

Robert Whiten Jr.

Charleroi Borough Manager

Open Records Officer

Street Sweeping Schedule

Monday thru Friday
3rd St. to 7th St. – Fallowfield and McKean Ave.

Crest Ave. – 1st to 11th Street

Lower Crest – 10th to 12th Street

Lower Meadow – Garr to 12th Street

McKean Ave. – East side 1st to 3rd Street and 7th to 13th Street

Fallowfield Ave. – West side 1st to 3rd Street and 7th to 13th Street

Washington Ave. – East side 2nd to 9th Street

Prospect – 8th to 13th Street

McKean Ave. – West side 1st to 3rd Street and 7th to 13th Street

Fallowfield Ave. – East side 1st to 3rd Street and 7th to 13th Street

Washington Ave. – West side 2nd to 9th Street

Lincoln Ave. – East and West sides 1st to 13th Street

High side of 3rd Street

Prospect , Lookout and Luella – 1st to 3rd Street

Lookout – 5th to 8th Street.

East and West sides

Woodland Ave. – 2nd to Reservoir

Oakland Ave. – 2nd to 13th Street

Shady Ave. – 2nd to 13th Street

Meadow Ave. – 2nd to 13th Street

Note: East Side (Even number addresses) West Side (Odd number addresses)

Parking restrictions for the sweeper will be enforced year round on (McKean, Fallowfield, Washington and Lincoln) from 1st to 13th Street , the winter restriction is for snow removal.

Street Foreman:






Parks and Recreation

The Borough also offers the Market House facility in downtown for activities. It is an pavilion type facility with electric and restrooms. Call or email the Borough Offices for rates and information. or phone 724-483-6011.

Recreational events include the Easter Egg Hunt, Community Day & Fireworks, Halloween Parade, Light Up Night and other events. See our calendar for updates.

The Trustees Park is located behind the Chamber Plaza Building along the Monongahela River. It is owned and operated by the Board of Trustees and not affiliated with the Borough. Call the Mon Valley Regional Chamber of Commerce for more information.

Parks and Recreation:

-Woodland Avenue at 4th Street

-Upper Meadow and 13th Street

-Crest Avenue (800 Block)

-Crest Avenue at 3rd Street

Residential Code Enforcement Officer

Jamie Stache

Office: 724-489-4140

Cell: 724-247-5775

Building Code Official/Inspector & Commercial Code Enforcement

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